Digital Biomarkers & the Future of Mental Health

By Simona Mellino   With many industries currently undergoing a digital transformation, it should come as no surprise that digital biomarkers have piqued the interest of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. But what are digital biomarkers? What promise do they hold? And what issues arise with their implementation? Background [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Nature journal publishes a comment on sex and gender differences in the brain written by the Women’s Brain Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Maria Teresa Ferretti, Chief Scientific Officer Email:   Nature journal publishes a comment on sex and gender differences in the brain written by the Women’s Brain Project International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health to offer a journey for participants to understand why [...]

Mental health: Can technology and therapies other than pills provide solutions?

By Simona Mellino   Today, there seems to be an “app” or a gadget for everything. With mental health issues gaining visibility, we were curious to look into whether there were any “beyond the pill” services and products leveraging novel technologies to address issues around brain and mental health. We started by looking into start-ups, […]

What would you “Ask Sophia”?

As you may have heard, we will be welcoming Sophia the Humanoid Robot as one of our speakers at our International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health taking place in Switzerland in June. The theme of the event is “Sex & Gender Differences in Mental and Neurological Disease: The gateway to precision medicine” (you [...]

WBP to participate in World Happiness Agora “The Future of Health”

The Women’s Brain Project is thrilled to be participating in the World Happiness Agora event taking place on Monday 18 March. Our co-founder and CEO, Antonella Santuccione-Chadha, and our co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Maria Teresa Ferretti will be speaking at 9am EDT / 2pm Swiss time. Details below. Media contact Afton Neufeld [...]

The Women’s Brain Project Campaign for International Women’s Day 2019

Date: Friday 8 March 2019 Location: All over social media, esp. Twitter Who: As many people as possible The official International Women’s Day campaign this year is #balanceforbetter, and as they describe it “Better the balance, better the world. How will you celebrate women’s achievements on Friday March 8, while calling for a more [...]

Announcing the 2019 Women’s Brain Project Forum

The Women’s Brain Project (WBP) is thrilled to officially announce the details of its next Forum. In 2019, the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health will focus on the theme “The Gateway to Precision Medicine” and take place on 8-9 June in Zurich, Switzerland. After a highly successful 1st Forum on Women’s Brain [...]

On the Road for Sex & Gender in Mental Health, Oct 2018

To give you a sense of what is happening “behind the scenes” of the Women’s Brain Project (WBP), we wanted to share a few events our team attended earlier this year. Participation in a meeting or conference often involves giving a talk or being on a panel, but not always. The list is far from […]

By going back, I’m able to move forward

I did an aperens for the medical company Rhouge this afternoon. If you ask me it went very well. I’m so fortunate to be able to make my mark in the world of Alzheimer’s. This is my words: As introduced My name i s Sofia Petersson I was a very ordinary person. But lately I […]

Chicago and the DIAN meeting

Me and the family went to the DIAN meeting in Chicago 20-21 july It’s so nice to meet the mutant friends and be part of a group of people that gets me. It was a mix off laughter and tears. The city is a beautiful place. So many things to do. I think that my […]

Summer in Sweden

Al of month off May has been super hot in south of Sweden. 77 fahrenheit and up to 86 fahrenheit. In europe that will translate to 28-30 celsius. I can’t walk Sam the dog until the evening so we just chill in the shadows. In the afternoon we will Walk, bike or drive down to […]

Spring cleaning

Picture off my High School graduation Spring cleaning made me sad! I found a lot off handwritten notes in my closet when I was cleaning. All off them about dad and his alzheimers…… In the beginning It was easy for me to tell people. And if you would have seen me out and about in […]

Happy Birthday to me

So 27th of january I had my birthday! 42 years old, my question to myself is what have I learned in life so far? I learned that my husband is a sneaky bastard.He had me totally fooled on on my birthday. He gave me instructions in the morning, I was not to open the beverage […]

The X-men

In Sweden, christmas eve is the day you celebrate christmas. That is the day we open christmas gifts and eat a lot off ham and herring. I love to give and love to get gifts! This year I got myself a early christmas present. As you all know I have been struggled to get into […]

Symposium on Caregiving

On 2-4 October, 2017 in Berlin, Germany, WBP Co-founder and President Annemarie Schumacher spoke at the Roche Symposium on Caregiving. You can read more about the event in Sofia’s blog about her experience there.   [Photo via Pixabay]

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