The official launch of Women’s Brain Project

LIMITED SEATS – reserve yours today! EVENT AGENDA 14:00 – 14:05 Welcome by Prof. Dr. Sabina Misoch Interdisciplinary Center for Ageing, University of Applied Science St. Gallen 14:05 – 14:15 Opening remarks “Why are we gathered here today?” by Tania Dussey-Cavassini Vice-Director General, Federal Office of Public Health, [...]

Starting of a new year remembering old ones

It’s not often I remember my father from when he was normal (normal in my terms is before Alzheimer’s took him away from me). But thankfully I have my diary´s to help me. The first time that I mention Alzheimer’s disease is April 15th 1991. This is when my father got his diagnosis I was […]

Lancet Psychiatry Women’s Mental Health Series

Very interesting series on women’s vulnerability to mental diseases such as depression, anxiety stress- and trauma-related disorders (edited by Dr Anita Riecher-Roessler).   “In conclusion, it is high time for a shift in practice and research. Research, psychiatric training, and practice should consider sex and gender aspects [...]

Sonntagszeitung talks about us!

In  ‘Der tödliche Unterschied’ the journalist Alexandra Bröhm mentions the Women’s Brain Project and our committment to raise more scientific discussion on women vulnerability to mental diseases. Enjoy!

Introducing Sofia, our new ambassador

Sofia,  a young lady of just 40 years of age affected by familial Alzheimer’s disease, has decided to join our cause and share with us her amazing story.   In the brief profile she wrote for us, she talks about a family plagued by the disease, strong women who fight to support their loved ones, misdiagnosis (maybe because of […]

The Davidson Family

This morning I received an email about the “Davidson Family” incident in Sydney, Australia.  I took to the internet to discover the horrific end of a family and their dog believed to have been deliberately gassed to death in their home.  The alarm was raised by the school when the children, and their mother failed […]

Sexual dimorphism of brain immune system

Sex-differences in neuronal development and neuroimmunological responses  are becoming a hot topic in the neuroscience field. Importantly, the possibility that such differences might contribute to sex-specific vulnerability to diseases later in life (such as anxiety disorders and autism spectrum disorders) is starting to be tested.   Here [...]

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