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I attended the Woman Brain and Mental helath meeting in Zurich.

I off course helt a speeche so here we go!


During the last 3 years I have developed some kind of superpowers,
because I need to save my kids from a horrible thing. It’s a monster that can swallow me and them whole!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So I need to hurry!
We all know that every person is unique. We are formed by our upbringing, that means, by a lot of people: our parents ,relatives, friends, teachers, trainers the happy times and the traumas.
I had a very nice upbringing. We lived in southern Sweden by a harbour. I sailed a lot and My parents had a good marriage they truly loved each other.
So I’m the youngest of three children we all share the same father but not mothers.

I was born the same year My grandmother on my father’s side died in 1976.
her autopsy showed Alzheimer’s.
Today we call it early onset Alzheimer’s. A mutation that is inherited in generations.
This is what happens in our house.
15th of march 1991, I was 14 years old. I write in my journal that the Americans has bombed in Kuwait and they called the attack Desert storm.
And that my father probably have Alzheimer’s, and I don’t want to be the third generation.
In the beginning of 1992,
I wrote that I thought that it was not safe for him to drive.
In 1993 a week before my 17th birthday, my father begged my mother to kill him.
He is 52 years old and very sick in alzheimer’s. He gave mum a knife and almost forced here to do it. That trama of fighting of my father the knife, is still in inbedded in my head. In november, 1994 Dad is very sick he can’t communicate with words anymore. It sounds like a baby babbel, and he is so skinny.

But he was also a hero in my eyes, He participated in early medical trials. He wanted to i to be part of the solution to the end of alzheimer. He would be 78 year this year, but died at the age of 58.
I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 39. And I want to be in medical trials to help myself and save my kids…
So I often google to find medical trials so I can apply.
And this will sound crazy but I’m too young,
Only 43 years old. Medical companies have a age limit in alzheimer’s drug trials! -You need to be 50 years old.
Maybe someone in this audience can enlighten me with your knowledge so I can move forward.
But I did googled Ageism in medical trails and behold I got 98 200 results about the topic very interesting reading but I will not bore you with what I found.
So I’m leaving you with this knowledge that in 2018 “there was three million academic papers on cancer and there are only 250,000 papers on dementia”
So, we are slowly catching up. And with so many smart people in the audience is there someone help me get into a trial. Because it’s not just not reasonable to leave me out!

Let’s us beat the monster together!

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  • Maria Teresa

    It was a great talk, as usual. Thanks for being with us. All the best!

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