Precision medicine for the greater good

“Our aim is to generate evidence on how sex and gender differences impact brain and mental diseases to further precision medicine.”

Who We Are and What We Do

Our strategy

To bring sex and gender differences in brain and mental health to the centre of scientific debate and to raise public awareness

Our goal is to identify how sex and gender factors impact diseases, diagnostics, drug and novel technologies development, and to achieve precision medicine for sustainable and inclusive healthcare.

Publish scientific evidence that addresses sex and gender differences in brain and mental health – considering all relevant individual and environmental factors.

Promote basic, clinical, social and artificial intelligence research considering sex and gender differences to identify tools for better diagnosis, treatment and care for brain and mental health conditions affecting men and women. We aim to establish the first worldwide Sex and Gender Precision Medicine Research Institute.

Advocate by providing information on brain and mental health issues on our platforms and through our events and training activities. We advocate for those experiencing brain and mental diseases. We advocate to inform and empower.

Engage with different stakeholders – policymakers, drug developers, regulators and patients’ organisations – to discuss evidence on sex and gender determinants of brain and mental disease. We engage to propose solutions to the different parties involved.

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