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Upcoming WBP Events

International Forum on Women’s Brain & Mental Health: The Gateway to Precision Medicine

The Forum will take place on September 18-19, and its theme is “Sex and gender differences in brain and mental health throughout the lifespan”. You can read the announcement here.


Past WBP Events

International Forum on Women’s Brain & Mental Health, 8-9 June, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland

The theme was “The Gateway to Precision Medicine”. For a summary, read our WBP Forum 2019 Recap Blog. For more information, visit www.forum-wbp.com


Holmes Place Workshop in Zurich, 12 December 2018

A two-hour interactive lunchtime workshop on “Women’s Brain and Mental Health”

Topics included: Most frequent women’s brain diseases, signs and symptoms, self-care and identifying triggers, preventive measures and how to take care of your brain


  • Dr Annemarie Schumacher-Dimech, Health psychologist (FSP), University of Lucerne, WBP co-founder and President
  • Dr Antonella Santuccione-Chadha, Neuroscientist, Pathologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, WBP co-founder
  • Dr Maria Teresa Ferretti, Neuroscientist, University of Zurich and WBO co-founder
  • Dr Katrin Rauen, Neurologist, University of Zurich and Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
  • Dr Nicoletta Iacobacci, Singularity University, Geneva
  • Marina Ruta, Consultant expert at UCAN Partner
  • Dr Francesca Baracchi, (FSP) Psychologist specialized in maternal mental health



Corporate event at Credit Suisse in Zurich, 22nd of November 2018

A workshop on “Mental and Brain Diseases – Under the Sex and Gender Lens”

Women's Brain Project workshop at Credit Suisse on "Mental and Brain Diseases - Under the Sex and Gender Lens"

Speakers included:

  • Dr Annemarie Schumacher Dimech – Women’s Experience of the Caregiver Role: An Overview of Current Findings
  • Dr Antonella Santuccione-Chadha – PhD, Neuroscientist, Pathologist, Cognitive Behavior Therapist, WBP co-founder
  • Dr Francesca Baracchi (FSP) – Psychologist specialized in maternal mental health
  • Ruth Formosa Ventura (FSP) – Couple and system psychotherapist
  • Dr Katrin Rauen – Neurologist, University of Zurich / Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
  • Dr Maria Teresa Ferretti – PhD, Neuroscientist, University of Zurich, WBP co-founder
  • Master of Ceremonies: Sylvia Day – Actress, writer, entertainer, and WBP Ambassador


Ceramic Painting for Women’s Brain Project in Zurich, 4 November 2018

A fundraising ceramics workshop and brunch

Women’s Brain Project is organizing a fundraising activity on Sunday, 4th November at the fire-works.ch ceramic studio in Dübendorf/ZH. The activity will start with a brunch (CHF 35 pp, CHF 10 per child under 12). After that, we will be painting our own ceramic items using Italian handmade pottery items. We will be guided by the amazing team at fire-works.ch led by Rose.

Tickets for the brunch are purchased in advance via email. Pottery items are to be paid at the venue (a description of the various items available and price list is available on request).

This event is both for adults as well as a lovely opportunity for children. It would be fantastic if you could join us and would also be a chance to meet WBP team members.



The First International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health, Lausanne, 12 December, 2017

Forum Highlights

TEDx Carouge 2018

Women’s Brain Project Launch April 2016







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