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As you may have heard, we will be welcoming Sophia the Humanoid Robot as one of our speakers at our International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health taking place in Switzerland in June.

The theme of the event is “Sex & Gender Differences in Mental and Neurological Disease: The gateway to precision medicine” (you can read more about it here.)

Nicoletta Iacobacci, one of our Executive Committee members, will be moderating the panel on Gender Bias and Artificial Intelligence. She was able to recently go meet Sophia the Humanoid in Hong Kong.

As a lot of you have voiced interest in interacting with Sophia, we thought we would give you the chance to be a part of this in a very special way.

The “Ask Sophia” Campaign

Do you have a question or questions related to brain or mental health, or gender bias that you would like to ask Sophia?

Spread the word, because from today through to April 1, 2019, you can submit your questions to us.

You can participate by Tweeting your question(s) at us: Make sure you tag @womensbrainpro and use the hashtag #AskSophiaWBP. If you’re not on Twitter, you can email us using registration(at)forum-wbp.com.

Come April, we will choose two winning questions.

If you are one of the winners, you get a free registration to the Forum.


So, over to you. What should we ask Sophia?

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