Women’s Brain Project at the Women’s Health Breakfast in Lausanne

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(the WBP members attending)

‘You know you have a good topic when the room is full at 7am in the morning’, said Phyllis, opening the works of the Global Alliance for Women’s Health Breakfast in Lausanne, last Thursday.


Indeed, the room was full and the conversation lively. A big thank to all those who woke up super-early to hear about our present and future activities. It was a blast, with overwhelming positive feedback, but also  a few constructive criticisms which will help us grow stronger.


The topic of women vulnerability to mental disease, and in particular Alzheimer’s, is becoming hot amongst researchers in academia and industry, as well as getting the attention of non-profits and regulators. Stay tuned for more news in the next days!


Ah, with many attending, one unfortunately could not make it in person, but joined us in spirit. Thanks Hillary LOL!!!


(posted by MTF for the Women’s Brain Project)


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