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We are here to transform medicine and healthcare towards precision medicine. Right now, there is a critical need for your support. Donate today and help us continue to study Sex and Gender differences impacting brain and mental diseases.

Health begins with human beings, individuals – men and women are different when it comes to brain and mental disease frequency, severity, symptomatology, risk factors and even response to treatments. Thanks to the gifts from supporters like you the scientific community is starting to take note. We have shown the world that in diseases like Alzheimer’s for instance, disease progression is faster in women than men and women show different levels of biomarkers.

Our goal is to clearly identify such differences in diseases, diagnostic, and treatments, as well as novel technologies, and leverage them for better solutions. We ask for better clinical outcomes, better care, and innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions. Sex and gender differences are the first steps towards precision medicine, which acknowledges the specific needs of each patient. Our ultimate ambition is the realisation of the Research Institute for Sex and Gender Precision Medicine.

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