Mateja Kramar

Mateja is working as a Senior Business Development Manager at Microsoft. She is managing the “Smart Sustainable Farming” Project which will bring healthy climate friendly food from field to fork.

Besides her daily work, Mateja is deeply interested in brain and mental health since as far back as she can remember; researching and working on projects connected to psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience. She was recently invited as a researcher of the Psychiatry Department at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Through her own experiences, working as a mentor and coach, plus helping people with her therapy dog, she is certain that:

“Our brain is who we are, it defines us and how others see us. Our brain is how we think, feel, work, respond, live, perceive, survive, and heal. Our mental health highly influences our physical health, making it either better or worse. Raising awareness of the importance of our daily mental health care as well as destigmatizing mental health problems and diseases is the best and only way to help people be and stay happy, be healthy, and to perform better at all roles in life.”

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