Maya Uccheddu

Maya Uccheddu acts a creative consultant for the Women’s Brain Project (WBP). She designed the WBP logo, and she helps with the realization of contents and visuals, under the lead of the head of communication. She has a Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology Degree, and she manages a pharmacy in a small town in Italy. She is also a freelance digital artist.

As a pharmacist, Maya is one of the few reference points in the community for the caregivers, mostly all women, who tend – day and night, 24/7 – their mentally ill, older relatives. She hopes, through art as a form of communication, to give voice to women like her customers and their families, and their never-ending struggles.

Maya believes that organizations like the Women’s Brain project have the potential to share their message not only with the scientific community but also the general public, an objective achievable through all form of visual arts.

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