Womans Brain Project meets Roche Patient Partnership

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In the name off medical trials  finally a breakthrough on the medical  area!   

Biogen and its partner Eisai, plan to seek approval for the Alzheimer’s treatment, aducanumab, from the US Food and Drug Administration in 2020.  So good news, 

Hoping that Biogen has capacity to get the drug out fast! Because I feel my brain is declining faster and faster! And I don’t want to miss this opportunity!

But now to what happened the the 5th and the 6 November. I had a lot of people in my living room looking at me! 

Let me tell you what I was doing…

So I agreed to help Roche medical company by educating  and hopefully take away some of the stigma off early oset alzheimers. So I invited  them a filmcrue my house. And in a near future Im going to be a star in a couple of small film clips on  Roche Patient Partnership siate.

The fotografer and the woman that interviewed me were french. So suddenly my highschool french kick in! So I really tried to come up with as many words and phrases as I could. It was nice to know that I still managed  to speak some french an that they understood! I was happy about it. So I speak Swedich, Englich and (un petit peu French ) some French not fluent at all.

Anny how I  know that I will never be in a reality show!  It’s a very hard work . Having so many people setting up lights checking sound makeup  and so on. So I promise myself not to be in a reality show ever!

I was so happy that Mariateresa from Woman’s Brain project came all the way to Sweden she gave me security and calm. 


I feel that I am more attached to having her in my presence. It was just so hard to sit in front of the camera. I’m used to being behind the camera. And when you put me in front of it, I feel stressed and it takes a lot of my experienceto do that extra bit of work. 

Hopefully the videos off me can  make people aware that you can live a good life. My biggest  secret is to find three positive things every day . And sometimes it is hard, but the more you try the easier it gets to find things

Depending on the mood of course  !  

In Sweden we have a saying that translates to KEEP SWIMMING!  

And I do think I have many laps left in me!

I will tell you when it’s  available for the public eye  !


See you soon


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  • Maria Teresa

    It was a lot of fun and you are a true movie star! I am sure your words will inspire awe and hope in the viewers. Thanks again for picking up this fight against Alzheimer’s and for partnering with WBP – you are really inspirational.

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