World Alzheimer’s Day: Spotlight on Sofia, WBP Ambassador

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For World Alzheimer’s Day 2019, the global theme is stigma.

To us, a first step is to talk about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), as scary as it might be.

However, we do not feel that today is a day for us to us our words.

Rather, it is a day to give voice to the Alzheimer’s patients.

They are almost 50 million people worldwide.

So, today we pass the mic to one patient in particular: our cause ambassador, Sofia Petersson, who has been diagnosed with familial AD at age 41.

The story of her life-long battle with the disease, which first attacked her grandmother and then her father, then her difficult journey to get a diagnosis, and finally her hopes for a clinical trial, are more powerful than any blog we could write, and deserve to be re-read today.

She shares her experience on Sofia’s Corner, a WBP blog.

Thanks Sofia, you are a super-hero!

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