Fagun Thakrar

Fagun Thakrar has a multi-faceted career. She is a critically acclaimed British Actress, Writer-Director and Producer who has appeared in a number of international films and has starred alongside Academy award winners.

Fagun studied Medicine at the University College London, where she developed an interest in neuroscience. Alongside her work as an actress, Fagun founded her own global non-profit, The Fagun Foundation, dedicated to empowering girls and women across the globe to overcome barriers in their educational, professional and personal lives through the transformative power of creativity. In addition to her work with global non-profits, Fagun has always been actively involved in local community organizations with children, girls, women and the health sector. She has worked with organisations such as The United Nations and Amnesty International.

Fagun has established herself as a champion of health and wellbeing throughout the world guiding groups as diverse as disadvantaged children to world leaders and national presidents.