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Did you know that 2 out of 3 patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are women? And did you know that 80 percent of patients with migraine are women? What if we add multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety? And what if we told you that more than 80 percent of caregivers, paid or unpaid, are women? The list goes on…..
Due to a significant gap in medicine, research, and policy, women have received and continue to receive less-than-optimal medical care.  The Women’s Brain Foundation is tirelessly working to fill this gap, and to try understanding and addressing the vulnerabilities of the female brain.
We have established a research foundation that aims to tackle the impact of sex and gender on brain health. Our ultimate goal is to establish a research institute with a clear focus on sex and gender precision medicine, that will develop personalized therapies for females, males, and all gender spectra. Your support is crucial for this mission!

How can YOU help? 
It’s simple!
  • By donating to our cause—whether it’s 10 euros, 5 dollars, 100 pounds, or 20 Swiss francs, your support is vital for us.
  • By raising awareness about the Women’s Brain Foundation: please share our fundraiser!
 “Let’s build together a healthier future for
the women of today and tomorrow”


Please donate and share today!”