At the core of WBF’s work lies scientific research. In collaboration with some of the world’s most prestigious research centres, we study how sex and gender differences can impact diseases and how to leverage such differences for improved, patient-centric treatments.

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We publish scientific books and books for the lay public to increase awareness of brain and mental diseases as well as the importance of sex and gender differences.

March, 2021

Una Bambina Senza Testa

Bambina Senza Testa is a work of creative non-fiction in Italian by Antonella Santuccione Chadha and Maria Teresa Ferretti, who explore stories of patients affected by different psychiatric conditions, from depression to dementia to encephalitis. Each story is told from the point of view of the medical doctor that tries to help the patient, as well as from the scientist that tries to understand the underlying pathological process.
July, 2021

Sex and Gender Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease

Sex and Gender Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease is edited by our co-founders Maria Teresa Ferretti, Antonella Santuccione Chadha and Annemarie Schumacher Dimech. The first academic book on sex and gender differences in Alzheimer’s Disease.
May, 2022

Sex and Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

Sex and Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare is a pioneering work that highlights the relevance of sex and gender differences and bias in the development of novel technologies for health. Edited by Davide Cirillo, Silvina Catuara-Solarz and Emre Guney.
February, 2022

Alzheimer Revolution

This book, written by Maria Teresa Feretti, explains the recent developments in research in the field of Alzheimer's disease (from genetics to new treatments) and how they will transform the lives of people living with Alzheimer and their families. The book is available in Italian and is meant for a lay public as well as for health care professionals.

Articles and videos
for the general

One of our goals is to empower individuals, patients and caregivers to better understand and protect their brain and mental health. To this end, we express cutting-edge scientific findings in language that everyone can understand in articles and videos for the lay public, including TED-x talks.