Ooooo my godness I am mediastar ;)

It all started on monday when a old work colleague from my days as a news photographer contacted me. She is still a journalist and works for the government owned television network. They wanted to do a piece on my situation  as a young woman  being  sick in Alzheimer’s, for there local news. My father’s old doctor Lennart Minton I think I was about 13 years old the first time I met him. He is not a practicing doctor anymore but he is researcher and the big news this week was that he has invented a way to grow nerve cells outside the human body. This way they don’t need to do animal medical testing for new alzheimer’s drugs. And also they can  speed up the whole process of developing new medicine for alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases to come even quicker to the market.  So they wanted me to comment on his findings and I happily did that.

So in that same day I did a lot of interviews for different TV channels and newspapers were they wanted to know how I felt about the whole thing. Of Course I´m thrilled! This will surely help my kids ! But not me sadly….. Here is  the link to one of the interviews

I’m so looking forward to my next project  involving  Women’s Brain Project. The Alzheimer europe conference in Berlin 2-4 of october 2017. Me and Annemarie Schumacher from  will be on an interactive panel session discussing the impact of alzheimer’s on the woman.
I’m so excited there is so much to see and take in and I have already printed out the whole program and underlined the things I want to listen to and people I want to talk to….
Please visit and see all the fantastic things these woman do.