The X-men

In Sweden, christmas eve is the day you celebrate christmas. That is the day we open christmas gifts and eat a lot off ham and herring. I love to give and love to get gifts!

This year I got myself a early christmas present.

As you all know I have been struggled to get into clinical drug trials in europe. And two weeks ago on the 14th of december I got the news that the DIAN-TU next gen trial in London will take me in.

I do believe that my heart skipped a beat, of joy. This means that I can make difference!
I can help in the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

We celebrate with a trip to our summerhouse the 16 december! Me and Anders and friends. Just relaxing and doing my favorite thing, sitting in the sauna by the ocean with snow outside and then jump into the could water. After the sauna we had dinner at a fantastic restaurant. Just enjoying life.

The 26 december I had to go back to work again, But I don’t mind at all, I do believe it keeps me going. And at my work we laugh a lot. And that I think makes a big difference for me, because it gives me positive energy. So a monotone work environment filled with happiness is what’s keeping my going day in and day out in the week. In the weekends I get energy of doing things with the family. And during christmas It means a lot of board games and a lot of laughter!

So the year 2017 is coming to an end and I have had an amazing year! Meet so many new people, been involved in different causes for a cure for Alzheimer’s. I went to Zurich, London and Berlin. I have done eight blogspots for the Woman’s brain project. Got to be a (media) star for a week in the swedish news media.

On my journey to London it was the first time I meet others with the same mutation that I have. We have a facebook group together were we can talk about all the stuff we go through, It’s nice to be apart in context and to have a outlet. Because we have a mutation for early onset alzheimer’s someone came up with the name X-men for us in the group. And we truly are like the X-men (from the movie) together we are so strong. So don’t worry people your in god hands ?

Happy new year everyone