Happy Birthday to me

So 27th of january I had my birthday!


42 years old, my question to myself is what have I learned in life so far?

I learned that my husband is a sneaky bastard.He had me totally fooled on on my birthday. He gave me instructions in the morning, I was not to open the beverage fridge were we keep our water and  soft drinks. He also told me not to enter two rooms in our basement. Then he told me to to get ready for a birthday dinner on a restaurant in town. So later that day a nice dress was put on and my new coate. The daughters was also nicely dressed and excited about a fancy dinner.


When we get out of the door and down the stair to the gate at the property, good friends from almost 30 years of friendship  appear screaming SURPRISE!

There were no booking on a restaurant, the booking never existed. In the beverage fridge was stuffed with good food and wine! We cook together and eat a fantastic dinner. Play board games and just chilling in the moment. A Lot of laughter, and an perfect birthday.

The most important thing is doing stuff that will make you happy.

I have created my own happiness together with my family and friends. I have learned that  its necessary to to be in the moment,  to stop and take it all in. Because tomorrow it can be gone from my memory!


My father was a great role model in how to live life. He was constantly curious with life. Growing up in our family was fun. We traveled a lot. Mainly by car. In europe, africa and his favorite country USA. During the car rides we played games. The favorit was capitals around the world. And last week I downloaded an app World geografi. It was so much fun. I’m still very good!  And at the same time I play my brain gets a workout.