Chicago and the DIAN meeting

Me and the family went to the DIAN meeting in Chicago 20-21 july
It’s so nice to meet the mutant friends and be part of a group of people that gets me. It was a mix off laughter and tears. The city is a beautiful place. So many things to do. I think that my girls liked the michigan lake beach the best. I loves the cinema with the recliner seats. We spend some time but always to little whit my dear mutant friend and here husband just walking around the city. My good friend recommended a diet from a book.

So I bought the book The end of Alzheimer’s. Thankfully it was also translated to swedish . Lots off healthy meals are just around the corner. Already lost 5 kilos!

I was happy about the Alzheimer’s news recently:
Biogen Alzheimer’s drug success: A big step because almost every dementia trial before it has ended in failure!

The study demonstrated a statistically significant difference in the amyloid beta (AB) levels in the brain measured by amyloid-PET (positron emission tomography). Amyloid beta amino acids form the main component of amyloid plaques, which are believed to disrupt healthy brain function.
Biogen is a Swedish company and I have some contacts that works at the company so I tried to use those contacts to get in to the trial, But the age limit to get in is 50 years or older so I’m still to young to young!

So I need a new plan, maby get help in Japan, taking a chance with my stem cells!
In that case I might be a Stem cell tourist !

This was recently on the swedish news:

So far stem cells have been used primarily to treat blood and immune diseases, but now there are experimental treatments available for all possible other conditions – just dare and afford:

The magazine Science describes the problem with this: It is in countries with smugglers’ legislation and poorer control over medical clinics that offers the stem cell treatments. It ranges from problems for heart to autism. And often in many cases without completely scientific studies.

Thai doctors offer treatment with adult stem cells against heart disease. In Japan, you can get stem cells against alzheimer’s disease and spinal cord injuries.
Several clinics that offer unserious stem cell treatments have been closed.
This make me wonder if it’s worth all the trouble but I still need to save my kids!