🌟 We are excited to announce the release of our book, ‘Innovating Health Against Future Pandemics.’ Part of the Women’s Brain Project Book Series!

This timely publication, the culmination of two years of hard work, highlights the crucial topic of pandemic prevention and the role of Artificial Intelligence.

This book, a unique collaboration of global experts, was born out of the COVID pandemic and has since evolved to cover a diverse range of topics. From epidemiology to mental health, from treatment to risk prediction, and even drawing lessons from astronauts under space isolation, it offers a comprehensive and digestible read around pandemic prevention and AI.

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We express our profound gratitude to all the editors and authors who contributed their expertise and enthusiasm to this book. Your work is not just a valuable piece of knowledge for our society, but a beacon of hope in the face of future pandemics.

👏 Congratulations for the incredible work.
Simona Mellino; Enrico Santus; Dario Motti; Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha; Laura Castro; Daniel Jan de Wilde; Neala Rohner; Colin Rohner; Guido Putignano; Alex Zhavoronkov; Quentin Vanhaelen.; Nicola Marino; Evelyne Bischof; Emily (Kunka) Lewis; Giuseppe Serra; Simone Scaboro; Beatrice Portelli; Emmanuele Chersoni; Eider M. Arenaza-Urquijo; Valentina Sumini; Edoardo Cavallero; Domenico Prattichizzo; Eleonora Lippolis; Kristin ZygaSenior Author; Kal Patel; David Matthews; Claudia Falchi Delgado; Maria Teresa Ferretti; Hicham Naim Pharm D MBA; Edwin Constable; Davide Cirillo

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