Harris is an entrepreneur dedicated to creating awareness, knowledge, skills, and leadership for the brain-positive economic transition. He works across public, non profit and private sectors.

The brain economy is a global goal to stop and reverse the loss of brain capital, encompassing social, emotional, and cognitive brain resources. Transitioning to a brain economy is an acute need given the rise of advanced generative AI models that strain our brains, and accelerating societal and environmental challenges stressing our brains. Brain sciences advances unlock new innovations.

He is fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, senior fellow at Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, an advisor to the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association and Kooth.

His goal is to achieve flourishing, economic and national security for communities.

Prominent corporations now recognize that the global economy increasingly hinges on brain capital. Major international policy organizations emphasize that investing in the development of brain capital is indispensable for tackling contemporary societal challenges and fostering innovation. Brain capital has been highlighted in platforms such as the UNGA, WEF, COP, OECD, Forbes, Wharton, PwC, The FT, Brookings, The Lancet, and US Congress.

A brain capital industrial strategy has been designed to amplify brain power and invigorate economies. This collaborative public-private approach concentrates on bolstering economic resilience by nurturing the brain health and skills of citizens, thus contributing to a dynamic and innovative economy. This approach has accelerated business development for a major mental health technology company.

He is also lead at the Brain Capital Alliance, and is in the Champion’s Cabinet of the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative. He is a fellow with the Stanford Frontier Technology Lab.

He is an alumnus of the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the Fulbright Scholar program, an awardee of the EB1A Green Card, an honor typically reserved for Nobel and Pulitzer prize winners. He has authored 200+ papers and was the lead editor of the book ‘Convergence Mental Health’ (Oxford Press).

Beyond his professional achievements, Harris authored a reflective short story titled “My Migraines are a Superpower”. Harris finds enjoyment in pursuits like golf, mountain biking, swimming, meditation, and podcasts.