The Be Brain Powerful® Campaign aims to create fundamental change in the way we think about and care for our brains. Understanding the latest science behind cognitive decline, brain health, and preventive measures is critical to empower individuals when it comes to their brain and mental health.

Women in particular, as their family’s Chief Health Officer and more often than not the go-to caregiver, need to both be aware of how to take care of themselves and of their family members.

The Women’s Brain Project is thrilled to be bringing this – adapted and translated – campaign to Switzerland in collaboration with the Global Alliance on Women’s Brain Health and USAgainstAlzheimer’s, who launched the original campaign in the United States in 2019.

Take the 30-day Brain Health Challenge
The Brain Health Challenge engages women in a brain healthy lifestyle and stimulating public discourse about the importance of brain health. You will be able to participate via email or by downloading the Geras Solutions app for a more interactive experience (details below).

The Be Brain Powerful Switzerland campaign was launched in September 2020 at the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health. You can sign up for the 30-day challenge in English, German, French or Italian by:

1) Registering online to get an email a day for 30 days: Sign up here!

2) Downloading the Geras Solutions App* – as of Sept 19 – by using the QR code below or looking up “Geras Solutions” on the App Store (Apple) or via the Play store (Android).

We also invite you to fill out our Brain Health Survey!

The “pre-campaign survey” takes 5 minutes to fill out, and answers are anonymous. This will give us a better baseline understanding of how brain health is perceived in Switzerland.

Take the survey now –

For more information about the Be Brain Powerful ® Switzerland campaign, contact or sign up for our mailing list.





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