Three years ago today, on 7 April 2017, we celebrated the official launch of the Women’s Brain Project (WBP) at the Fachhochschule in St. Gallen, Switzerland. WBP started with a small group of scientists, academics, practitioners, caregivers, and patients who wanted to make a change. Today, we are a core team of more than 20 people – plus another wonderful 30+ advisors, and growing! We are proud of all the achievements we have attained in such a short span of time.

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Video overview of the Women’s Brain Project, by SwissContent


Some of these accomplishments include – but are not limited to: organizing two successful International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health events, being featured in a number of scientific peer-reviewed journals and high-end publications, editing special editions and books, our CEO Antonella Santuccione Chadha being recognized as the winner of the Women in Business award in 2019, our joining the UN Global Compact, and so much more – with more to come!

This was only possible to WBP’s talented and highly motivated team, our members, supporters, sponsors and the public. We look forward to the future and to making a significant contribution in brain and mental health, health through the sex and gender lens, and precision medicine.

An “action shot” of the Women’s Brain Project launch on 7 April 2017


A Toast – At the Women’s Brain Project Annual General Meeting 2018


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