The Women’s Brain Project (WBP) is excited to announce Brain Awareness Week, taking place from 14-20 March 2022 supported by Lundbeck. During this week, WBP’s followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will receive information about the importance of sex and gender differences in relation with brain and mental health. WBP experts will talk about women and dementia or about stroke symptoms in women, for example. Additionally, readers will learn what they can do in terms of prevention, enabling them to take more control and responsibility of their brain health and wellbeing.  

“I consider our brain as the most precious organ being in control of the functioning of our entire body as well as our mind and soul. During these unprecedented times between a pandemic and a new war, our brains have to elaborate information which is irrational, fearful, disruptive to our life and difficult to put into perspective. This might result in impairing its functioning and wellbeing. This is the reason why now, more than ever, we need to prioritize brain health. This is the reason why now more than ever we need to embrace measures aimed to protect our brains. Brain health is wellbeing. Wellbeing is brain health.”, says WBP CEO Antonella Santuccione Chadha.  

Launching Brain Awareness Week supported by Lundbeck is one of the many projects WBP undertakes to improve brain health and mental wellbeing.

Photo credit: Photo by Emily Underworld on Unsplash

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