Join us in celebrating a true milestone! After years of fighting, our cause ambassador Sofia Petersson has finally received her first dose of Aducanumab, a human antibody that is capable of removing the toxic protein accumulating in the brain of those living with Alzheimer’s.

Sofia is struggling since more than a decade to get to this very moment. She never gave up the fight, for herself but also in the name of her two daughters.

She had to fight to be properly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, as nobody believed she would have signs of the disease given her young age. She enrolled as a volunteer in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s but was rejected because she was too young. She became the Women’s Brain Project Ambassador from the very first day (2016) and advocated for this moment to come true for herself and all the people living with Alzheimer’s.

Scientists at the Women’s Brain Project worked for several years in the laboratory where Aducanumab was discovered and characterized at the University of Zurich in the laboratory of Prof. Roger Nitsch and Christoph Hock.

This is a wonderful example of Swiss innovation to benefit the world and bring precise solutions for those in need.

Join us in celebrating this historical moment that will pave the way for further progress in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.

We are incredibly happy for Sofia and her family that she finally managed to get into this trial!

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