Breaking the Gender Barrier in Neuroscience with the Women’s Brain Project

Men and women are different regarding disease risk, frequency, severity, symptomatology, diagnostic journey, and even response to treatment. Our mission is to transform the development of drug and medical treatments through sex and gender factors as a gateway to precision medicine and care. We do this by running research projects, consulting with industry partners, engaging with regulators, government, and non-governmental organisations and developing novel technologies to bring new treatment options to patients and caregivers.

WBP’s collaborative approach resides in scientific projects, scientific advice, data generation and scientific publication. We communicate findings across the pharmaceutical industry, and educate policy makers, regulators, academia, secondary schools and the lay public. We also have a flagship event, The International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health; this year will be its IV edition where world experts in brain and mental health unite to transform clinical development and digital health toward a more precise and sustainable approach.

Read the full piece here.


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