This was one of the feedback received from an attendee at last Friday’s lunchtime MedTalk organized by the @Health Science Club – a student-run organization from @ETH Zurich and @University of Zurich.  

Our CEO, @Antonella Santuccione Chadha had the pleasure of sharing the change that the Women’s Brain Foundation is trying to make in our society. 💫 Thank you @Giacomo Andrea Ferrazzini for the invite! 

The problem we are trying to solve ➡️ Almost all brain and mental diseases have a #sex and #gender bias. However, these biases are not considered in #medicine when we study disease and develop novel treatment #therapies and/or solutions for #brain and mental #diseases. 

See below for some impressions of the event👇. 

Sex and gender differences are the first steps towards #precisionmedicine, acknowledging the specific needs of each #patient. Support our mission to transform medicine and healthcare towards precision medicine today 👉

#braindiseaseresearch #neurologicalresearch #brainhealthawareness #brainscience #precisionmedicineapproach #genderbias 


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