March 8, 2023

'Sex, Gender, and the Brain: Towards an Inclusive Research Agenda'

A WBP-Commissioned Economist Impact White Paper

The Women’s Brain Project (WBP), as the world experts in the field of sex (biological) and gender (societal) determinants of brain and mental health to achieve precision medicine and care, commissioned Economist Impact to examine the economic rationale for investing in sex-and-gender specific brain research.

WBP-Commissioned Economist Impact White Paper

Please read and share this White Paper; help us in amplifying this message across the world.

Here is Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha our co-founder and CEO, sharing some of the reasons why WBP commissioned this White Paper.

Women's Brain Project Overview and Call to Action

The Women’s Brain Project has created this Overview based on the WBP-Commissioned Economist Impact White Paper. In it, you will find key findings, a call to action and recommendations for key stakeholders.

Press Release

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On the WBP Blog

In this blog article by Dr Antonella Santuccion Chadha, learn more about how this Pioneering Analysis Highlights The Economic Benefits Of Investing In Sex-and-Gender Specific Brain Research.