WBP at the Global Summit of Women 2019

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Antonella Chadha Santuccione, co-founder and CEO of the Women’s Brain Project, participated in this year’s Global Summit of Women which took place 4-6 June in Basel, Switzerland.

In her presentation on Health and Wellbeing Under the Sex and Gender Lens: The Gateway to Precision Medicine, Antonella talks about the difference between shallow medicine and precision medicine, and the dangers of thinking only about women’s health as bikini medicine. She highlights that all diseases are different in how men and women experience them, from the prevalence to symptoms, diagnosis, and even the response to treatment.

Two key actions needed to shift towards precision medicine are ensuring women are represented in preclinical and clinical trials, and educating doctors on sex and gender differences.

The video of her full presentation (17min30s) is below:

As she says in her conclusion: “It takes a big village to change the status quo, especially when it’s about a male-designed world” – so if you are interested in joining the cause and becoming a part of the Women’s Brain Project, get in touch!

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