Kathryn Goetzke

Kathryn Goetzke is an entrepreneur, strategic consultant and global depression advocate. She is the entrepreneur behind Mood-lites™, a brand that achieved over 35 million dollars in retail sales and raised over $1 million for charities through cause marketing.

As her role as Chief Mood Officer at The Mood Factory, her goal is to ‘Improve Moods’ by teaching individuals how to get in the present moment through engaging the senses and by adopting new habits. Her company is also launching a Happiness in the Workplace program, to track, manage, and improve employee engagement and productivity.

Goetzke and her work has been featured in numerous print and online magazines including Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post. She has addressed meetings at the UN, World Bank, and other global events and serves on advisory boards for FundaMentalSDG, Y Mental Health, and the Global Mental Health Movement. Her nonprofit, iFred, created a curriculum called Hopeful Minds that is being taught to children around the world based on research Hope is a teachable skill.

Kathryn lost her father to suicide at age 19, and has personally battled her own depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD and ADHD. Through support, treatment, and lifestyle changes, she is able to manage it while making a positive impact in business and global mental health. She encourages everyone to do the same, as when we learn to harness the power of our minds in a healthy way we can accomplish anything. Mental Health has, for too long, been in the shadows and she is passionate about bringing it to light.

Goetzke has a Master of Business Administration degree in International Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, International Studies and Biology from Winona State University. She currently resides in Reno, Nevada, where she enjoys hiking, meeting new people, exploring the mountains, skiing, and solving complex global challenges.

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