International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health 2019 – Summary

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This year’s International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health (the Forum) was highly inspiring, bringing together international leaders from multiple fields over two days at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Not only did the event make history, but it also did so in a room known for being where Churchill gave a landmark speech in 1946 “Let Europe Arise!”.

The Forum is the flagship annual event of the Women’s Brain Project. This year’s event was under the red thread of “Sex and Gender Differences in Mental and Brain Health: The Gateway to Precision Medicine”.

The discussions aimed to inform and increase awareness on sex and gender bias, the role of socio-economic factors in health, and the need for a precision approach to brain disease and mental health in order to better design and run pre-clinical research and clinical trials. This includes lifestyle changes in disease prevention, correct diagnosis and ultimately the development of effective treatments for personalized health and wellbeing.

The program was designed to take Forum participants on a journey.

wbp-forum2019-agenda-final (click for pdf of full program)

In bringing together over 100 international leaders and experts, the Women’s Brain Project (WBP) flagship event, the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health (the Forum), concluded that the future of health lies in precision medicine. An equalitarian access to quality care will depend on a shift in scientific research, so sex and gender are considered as proper variables – not just covariates – across the board.

You can view the 2019 Forum photo gallery here.

To read more about the 2019 Forum, access the summary pdf by clicking the link below:

100 cross-sectoral leaders and experts call for sex & gender to be considered as proper variables in scientific research, to achieve equalitarian precision medicine, particularly in brain and mental health – Swiss NGO catalyzes mobilization to understand how to avoid technological biases so as to leverage innovative technologies for improved healthcare for all.


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