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These are strange times we live in!

I love history. And I know that history are alwys repeated itself.

In the spring of 1350, the plague spread in Sweden. Queen Blanka at Varberg’s fortress made a fantastic effort. When she fought her pessents pessent not spreading the virus infection, but one third of Sweden died a horrible death.

A subsequent outbreak of plague occurred in Sweden the in the years 1710-1713 when a third of the population of Sweden’s major cities died.

The last time that pandemic caused by a plague outbreak in Sweden was as late as 1710. By then, almost 40 percent of all Stockholm residents died.

The coronavirus pandemic that is now spreading across the earth is not the first pandemic to hit humanity. And far from the last one to believe the experts.

For thousands of years, mankind has been affected by the deaths of peoples who, in some cases, wiped out large sections of the population.


But when covid-19 ebbs, I have a place in a medical study in London.  Provided by The Dian network! I cant Wait!


Be Safe!

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