WBP Forum 2020

If you missed the Forum, rest assured – you can still register and access all the content, from pre-recorded keynotes to the recordings of the live discussions.

Our Cause

Founded in 2016, we are a group of scientists hailing from various disciplines including medicine, neuroscience, psychology, pharmacy and communication who work together with caregivers, patients and their relatives, policymakers and other stakeholders.

The Women’s Brain Project (WBP) aims to stimulate a global discussion on gender and sex determinants of female vulnerability to brain and mental disease.

We propose a new, personalized way to develop and perform medical treatments, caregiving and prevention strategies together with novel technologies development, based on consideration of sex and gender differences. By promoting a scientific discussion on the specific vulnerability of the female brain to particular mental and brain diseases, WBP advocates for the development of sex- specific measures to foster mental health

WBP aims to address these issues through scientific research, debate, public engagement and advocacy.


WBP Co-founder and CEO, Antonella Santuccione-Chadha interviewed about Sex & Gender Differences as the Gateway to Precision Medicine

Our Mission

“Identifying specific needs related to women’s brain health, advocating for change, and positioning the findings for the benefit of the society.”

– Women’s Brain Project

EAN 2020 was the first virtual conference I attended in the COVID era, together with 30K other participants ❗️. Back then it was new and nobody really knew whether it would work out. It did! Looking forward to be part of EAN2021, presenting for @womensbrainpro. Stay tuned! https://t.co/rZQTHzXnti

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How ‘men as default humans’ threatens to undermine precision medicine - SWI https://t.co/ENp0NCQOfO https://t.co/SyKRw6G1gG

Publish high impact peer-reviewed papers that address sex and gender differences in brain and mental health

Promote basic, clinical, social and artificial intelligence research that can help identify tools for better diagnosis, treatment and care in brain and mental health conditions affecting women

Advocate by generating social awareness and providing a platform for women passionate about and/or suffering from brain and mental diseases

Engage with policy makers, scientists, patients, drug developers, regulators and organizations to discuss evidence on female vulnerability to brain and mental disease, and propose solutions

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Meet the WBP Team


Chief Scientific Officer of Women’s Brain Project

Schumacher Dimech

President of Women’s Brain Project

Antonella Santuccione Chadha

CEO of Women’s Brain Project


Public Affairs Lead of Women’s Brain Project

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