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Our Cause

Founded in 2016, we are a group of experts hailing from various disciplines, including medicine, neuroscience, psychology, pharmacy and communication, who work together with caregivers, patients and their relatives, policymakers and other stakeholders.

The Women’s Brain Project (WBP) aims to stimulate a global discussion on sex and gender differences in brain and mental diseases as a gateway to precision medicine.

Men and women are different when it comes to brain and mental disease risks, frequency, severity, symptomatology and even response to treatments. Our goal is to clearly identify such differences in diseases, diagnosis, and treatments, as well as novel technologies, and leverage them for better solutions. Sex and gender differences are the first steps towards precision medicine.

WBP aims to address these issues through scientific research, education, debate, public engagement and advocacy – and the establishment of an institute for sex and gender precision medicine research.

“Precision medicine for patients will be achieved when the word differences is replaced by the word characteristics.” Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha, CEO of the Women’s Brain Project.


WBP Co-founder and CEO, Antonella Santuccione-Chadha interviewed about Sex & Gender Differences as the Gateway to Precision Medicine

Our Mission

“Our aim is to generate evidence on how sex and gender differences impact brain and mental diseases to further precision medicine.”

– Women’s Brain Project

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The #pandemic showed how fragile our care systems are. The use of #AI to achieve #precisionmedicine is the only possible way to guarantee sustainability #universalhealthcare

Our work just published. #COVID

Roche - The double risk of vulnerable populations and COVID-19

Publish scientific evidence that addresses sex and gender differences in brain and mental health – considering all relevant individual and environmental factors.

Promote basic, clinical, social and artificial intelligence research considering sex and gender differences to identify tools for better diagnosis, treatment and care for brain and mental health conditions affecting men and women. We aim to establish the first worldwide Sex and Gender Precision Medicine Research Institute.

Advocate by providing information on brain and mental health issues on our platforms and through our events and training activities. We advocate for those experiencing brain and mental diseases. We advocate to inform and empower.

Engage with different stakeholders – policymakers, drug developers, regulators and patients’ organisations – to discuss evidence on sex and gender determinants of brain and mental disease. We engage to propose solutions to the different parties involved.

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Meet the WBP Team


Chief Scientific Officer of Women’s Brain Project

Schumacher Dimech

President of Women’s Brain Project

Antonella Santuccione Chadha

CEO of Women’s Brain Project


Public Affairs Lead of Women’s Brain Project

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