By Bernadette Dwan, Engagement Manager Real World Solutions, IQVIA and Maria Teresa Ferretti, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, WBP


The goal of the fifth Panel of the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health, is to shed some light on how our personal lifestyle might affect our brain and mental health.

There is increasing evidence that lifestyle changes can effectively reduce the risk of widespread diseases, such as dementia. A recent Lancet report has indicated that modifying 12 lifestyle-related risk factors (such as obesity, smoking, and low levels of education) might prevent or delay up to 40% of dementias worldwide.

In this Panel, we will have an opportunity to review such evidence with world experts, and to learn how things might be different for men and women. We will open with a presentation on the recent World Health Organization (WHO) guideline on dementia-risk reduction. Next, the Panel will cover sex and gender differences in some of the most common lifestyle related risk factors (such as obesity and diabetes, but also COVID19-related stress), as well as their different effects on mental health in men and women. How can we implement positive, tailored changes in lifestyle to support our mental health? This will be the focus of the live discussion on September 20th, so make sure to tune in. 

For starters, you might want to try the Be Brain Powerful Switzerland Campaign, currently promoted by WBP in collaboration with UsAgainstAlzheimers. The campaign is a 30-day Challenge based on the WHO guidelines and Cleveland Clinic’s six pillar of brain health – plus a seventh pillar that is advocacy. It will be launched at the WBP Forum, and available in English, French, German and Italian – either via email or through an app.




Panelists will include:


Moderator: The moderator of the Panel will be Meryl Comer, Founding Board Member of UsAgainstAlzheimers, USA and the Co-Founder and Chair of Global Alliance on Women’s Brain Health.


To find out more about this panel as it continues to take shape, or to participate in the conversation, follow us on social media under @womensbrainpro or register now for the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health if you have not yet done so! The Forum will offer registered participants pre-recorded talks and keynotes in addition to virtual interactive discussions by experts taking place on September 19-20, 2020.

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