NZZ Live – Frauen im Fokus der Medizinforschung – Fortschritt in Sicht? 

On 23 May 2024 , Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha had the pleasure of being part of the panel at the NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung live discussion where she presented our Female Quota Awareness Campaign. Alongside Dr Chadha, were Lisa Falco, and Catherine Gebhard, MD, PhD. The panel’s debate was moderated by Gioia da Silva, NZZ […]

Innovating Health Against Future Pandemics

🌟 We are excited to announce the release of our book, ‘Innovating Health Against Future Pandemics.’ Part of the Women’s Brain Project Book Series! This timely publication, the culmination of two years of hard work, highlights the crucial topic of pandemic prevention and the role of Artificial Intelligence. This book, a unique collaboration of global […]

“Never felt quite touched by these problems until today”.🤔

This was one of the feedback received from an attendee at last Friday’s lunchtime MedTalk organized by the @Health Science Club – a student-run organization from @ETH Zurich and @University of Zurich.   Our CEO, @Antonella Santuccione Chadha had the pleasure of sharing the change that the Women’s Brain Foundation is trying to make in our society. 💫 Thank […]

🌟 Celebrating Progress: Our Work at OneNeurology 🌟

We are thrilled to share our recent experience presenting at the OneNeurology meeting, where we showcased the impactful work of the Women’s Brain Foundation in advancing sex and gender equity. Engaging with each OneNeurology partner, we exchanged updates and insights that fuel our collective mission.To our incredible OneNeurology partners worldwide—Dr. Antonella Santuccione Chadha, Stephanie Ludwig, […]

“The Impact of Informant-Related Characteristics Including Sex/Gender on Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms and Severity.”

We are delighted to announce our latest opinion article in Frontiers in Global Women’s Health titled, “The Impact of Informant-Related Characteristics Including Sex/Gender on Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms and Severity.” Did you know that the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale (CDR) is pivotal in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) staging? Have you ever wonder which is the […]

Economist Impact has released a groundbreaking report titled “The Road to Health Inclusivity: from policy to practice”

Featuring insights from our CEO and Co-founder, Antonella Santuccione Chadha 🌍 Health is not just about the absence of illness; it’s about access to physical, mental, and social well-being. The report highlights how disparities in health access impact individuals, communities, and societies worldwide. It’s time to design inclusive health policies that address underlying causes of […]

The Economic Impact of Sex and Gender Differences in Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis

 On the International Women’s day 2024, Women’s Brain Project is announcing the continuation of the groundbreaking research “Sex, Gender, and the Brain: Towards an Inclusive Research Agenda”, launched on March 8, 2023. This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion, should thus extend how we understand and respond to variances in brain health.   The continuation of […]

Report of the Women’s Brain Project roundtable on Enhancing care in Parkinson’s disease held on 29th November 2023

Enhancing care in Parkinson’s disease: Sex and gender-informed policy as a gateway to precision medicine and care   Neurological diseases, and Parkinson’s disease (PD) in particular, pose an enormous challenge to individuals and economies around the world: the number of people living with Parkinson’s disease is estimated double by 2030, and its indirect costs relating […]

Press Release: Longevity Week Hosted by The Longevity Forum: A Spotlight on Longevity Medicine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE This year, the Longevity Forum once again hosted “Longevity Week“, a premier international event focusing on the burgeoning field of longevity medicine. Held in London, the event attracted eminent personalities including Professor Andrew J Scott, a renowned economist and co-author of ‘The New Long Life’ and ‘The 100-Year Life’. Joining him were […]